1. Nikoderm undertakes a wide variety of evaluations based on state-of-the-art dermatology and cosmetology.
  2. Safety/efficacy evaluation of cosmetic/pharmaceutical raw materials and preparations
  3. Proposal of appropriate evaluation methods
Nikoderm undertakes a wide variety of evaluations based on state-of-the-art dermatology and cosmetology.

We work as trustees and consultants for the evaluation of safety and efficacy.

Our aim is to achieve beauty through optimal evaluation.


Our company, Nikoderm Research (NDR), was established in 2003 for evaluating the safety and efficacy of raw materials and products designed for application to the human skin, such as cosmetics, quasi-drugs, and pharmaceuticals. 

The global interest in beauty and health products continues to increase, including in Japan, where the population is progressively aging; thus, determination of safety and efficacy of these products are important factors, particularly in this region. Acquiring accurate data about product safety and efficacy is an essential step in the development of new products, and the importance of gathering this information is expected to increase in the future.


Evaluation of irritation and other physical impacts is required for cosmetics, quasi-drugs, pharmaceuticals, and all chemical products that are designed to come in contact with the skin and for raw materials derived from natural products and synthetic raw materials. Therefore, at NDR, we use cutting edge technology and equipment to determine the safety and efficacy of food products and industrial products. To date, the impact of these products on the eyes and skin have been examined in animals models. However, strict regulations are being imposed on animal tests. Therefore, development of methods that can be used as an alternative to animal experiments is urgently required. In Japan, NDR has introduced for the first time highly functional models of reconstructed human skin, which were first approved in the European Union (EU). In addition to using these skin models, we import and sell them. Our partnership with research institutions in Japan has been extended to institutions specializing in dermatological tests and evaluations in other countries such as France, USA, and Brazil. Because we perform a wide range of evaluations, we offer accurate methods meeting the requirements of our clients.